There is no topic more steeped in swine-related folklore than the holy grail of delicious oinky goodness: crackling. We have spent the past year conducting an exhaustive study into the science of crackling it in order to sort grandma‚Äôs fiction from the science of piggy perfection. Our journey has taken us through the fields of thermodynamics and burns medicine. Continue reading →

Catering for crowds

March 17, 2013 // Lamb


If a friend asks you to cater for 35 people at his short film the correct answer is no; this is what happens if you say yes.

Let me start by saying in no way are we professional cooks. Correct ways to describe us would be drunken cooks, smokey cooks, fat bastard cooks or perhaps most fitting would be a combination of them all; drunken smokey fat bastard cooks. Continue reading →